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Horn PCL HDA Eco Fuel Management System

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The PCL HDA eco Fuel Management System is designed as a fuel monitor and reporting system for dispensing diesel fuel, Gasoil, AdBlue, anti-freeze, oils and other chemicals. Used for non-resale application where fuel access needs to be controlled and logged. Ideal for multiple drivers and vehicles or plant.

The HDA Eco includes Windows PC software for managing your vehicle fleet and evaluating fuel data. The user-friendly menu system and USB ports for easy data downloading from the fuelling point back to the PC.

Typical scenario: Transport company has 30 drivers to drive the fleet of vehicles, driver and vehicles will vary to suit each job. Each driver is given a PIN to identify them to the system, each vehicle has a transponder tag on the ignition key to identify the vehicle. When the driver dispenses fuel, he will input his unique PIN and then use the transponder tag to log the vehicle, the system then activates the dispenser’s pump and record the driver, vehicle, time, date and quantity of fuel dispensed. The system can also be set to query the mileage, and job reference can be added too. This then gets recorded as a dispensing event and stored in the system until the data is downloaded to a USB chip ready for the PC to upload.

Key Features:

  • Controls one dispensing pump. Simple to retrofit with additional pulse output flow meter.
  • LCD display, 2 x 20 digits, 9mm high digit display
  • Connections for: pump, a flow meter with a pulse, nozzle switch, fill-level probe or floating switch for monitoring tank level
  • Up to 2,000 drivers and vehicles
  • Electronic storage for approx 10,000 dispensing operations
  • Includes “HD Manager eco” software for Windows PC
  • Includes transponder reader, Tag available (can be used for vehicles and drivers)
  • Drivers and Vehicles can be set with a PIN

Power Supply: 100-240v / 50-60Hz

Switching Current: 6.2A

Protection Rating: IP54

Dimensions: D120mm x W300mm x H300mm

The system requires a pulse output flow meter to record the volume.

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