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Automatic Pressure Control Switch for Pumps
For Clean Water up to 60ºC

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Formula Water Pump Pressure Control Switch Wired Flow Controller

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Pressure Switch – Water Pump Pressure Control Switch

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Product Specification

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Fluid Type






230v AC

Pressure10 bar
Flow Rate167 L/min


Water pressure control switch for pumping Clean Water. This pump control unit will Automatically Stop and Start centrifugal water pumps on an on-demand basis. Ideal for boosting water pressure, controlling pumps for sites and remote locations as well as Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Irrigation.

This is a pump control unit, not a water pump, so you will require a pump such as the JX80 water pump or another centrifugal water pump to suit your application.

The Formula Press Water Pressure Control Switch has advanced built-in features including a non-return valve and pressure & flow sensors to give run dry protection making for simple installation.

  • Auto stop/start for centrifugal pumps
  • For clean water up to 60°C
  • 230 Volts, 10 Amps
  • 1.5-10 Bar pump pressure
  • 1.5 Bar starting pressure
  • Run Dry Pump Protection
  • Integrated check valve
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • 10000 Lph max flow
  • Protection to IP65
  • 1″ Male Ports
  • Must be mounted vertically
  • Available with or without electric leads

Frequently Asked Questions about Pressure Switches:

Do I Need to Control the Pressure of my Water Pump?

This will depend on what you need your pump for. However, a Booster Pump for water pressure often benefits from a pressure control switch. This helps the pump only turn on when there is a demand for water. Like when you turn on the shower or run a bath.

Can we Reduce the Water Flow of a Water Pump?

Of course, and a water pressure pump kit is the way to do it. An automatic switch can help to control fluid pressure by deactivating the pump or turn down the pressure according to its sensors.

What is the Function of a Water Pump Pressure Switch?

A pressure switch for pumps detects the needed flow by using its flow & pressure sensors. When it detects that there is a demand for water it turns the pump on. This equals much higher efficiency as the pump is only activated when it is required.

Why Does a Water Pump Stay On and Won’t Switch Off?

Well, that is exactly the problem that a pressure switch for water pumps solves. By adding a detection stage the pump only turns on when it’s needed to.

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