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Enduramaxx Deflector 140 Degree Nozzles pack of 10

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Well suited to broadcast spraying with small boom sprayers fitted to all-terrain vehicles. The wide angle allows the nozzles to be spaced at 1m intervals, effectively reducing the number of nozzles required.

This wide-angle deflector is also suitable for use with knapsack sprayers for single nozzle applications, where the wide swathe will improve productivity.

The deflector 140 degree is very good for pre-emergent and soil incorporated herbicides and good for post-emergence herbicides.

  • Wide spray angle of 140 degrees
  • Gives a narrow rectangular spray pattern
  • Reduced potential clogging due to a large round orifice
  • Produces coarse droplets with reduced potential drift when operated at 1-2 Bar
  • Incorporates screwdriver slot at the front to enable the nozzle to be aligned in standard caps
  • Moulded in high-performance colour coded (non-ISO) polyacetal providing good wear and chemical compatibility

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