Water Bowsers

Water bowser trailers for sale. Our water bowser range offers a convenient method for transporting and distributing water to various locations on-site. These mobile units are designed to cater to multiple industries and their needs, ensuring you have access to a steady supply of water wherever your operations may take you. Our bowser tanks are available with a drinking water specification for those requiring potable water for human consumption.

Highway water bowsers are designed to be towed on public roads with fully legal chassis trailers with lights, brakes and mudguards.

Site Tow Water bowsers use heavy-duty, rugged chassis perfect for yards, construction sites and agriculture with larger tyres with heavy tread patterns.

Adding a pump to our water bowsers offers enormous potential. Whether you are watering plants, doing general irrigation, pressure washer use such as brick cleaning, car valeting or cleaning large flat surfaces. We also offer dust suppression water bowsers to control dust going into the local environment.

Please read our Water Bowser Guide for more information.