Water Tanks

Water tanks provide a versatile way to store water for various purposes. Whether you require above-ground potable water storage for drinking and domestic use or non-potable water storage for industrial, agricultural, or irrigation applications, we have the right tank to meet your specific requirements.

All our water tanks are manufactured from high quality, virgin grade polyethylene and UV stabilised for long life. 

Please browse our categories below for both above-ground and underground water tanks.  If you need help finding a tank that meets your requirements, please call our knowledgeable sales team. We are ready to help you.

Water Tank Frequently Asked Questions

What is a potable water tank?

A potable water tank is designed for storing drinking water or water for human consumption. To be approved for drinking water in the UK, the tank must be manufactured to comply with WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) regulations. WRAS verifies plumbing products and materials to ensure that UK consumers are kept safe and that the products are approved.

Can Chemicals be stored in a plastic water tank?

Some chemicals are classed as hazardous and will need to be stored in a bunded tank, or 'Tank within a tank', to meet the environmental regulations.  Other chemicals may be corrosive and unsuitable for some of the metal tank fittings used in water tank manufacture.  It's always better to check with our experts before purchasing a water tank if you will not be storing water in it. We can check for regulations and chemical compatibility to ensure you are getting the correct product.

Can I transport a full water tank?

We're often asked about transporting water in vehicles and on lorries. Water weighs 1kg per litre, so it is heavy. This needs to be taken into consideration when transporting it. We recommend baffled water tanks to reduce surging when the vehicle is cornering or braking. Also, special transportable tanks are built with heavier construction to allow for water movement. So, for safe and stable transport of water, we recommend transportable water tanks or water bowsers—designed specifically for moving water.

What is a Byelaw 30 Kit?

Byelaw 30 kits are required on mains-fed water tanks. The kit is designed to prevent stored water from becoming contaminated. It usually includes a screened overflow pipe or fitting installed at the correct height in the tank to allow any overflow to spill out without touching the inlet. This protects the water main from becoming contaminated by the stored water. Ensuring a gap always exists between the inlet and full water level.