COVID-19 Policy

Southern Tank Services Ltd has a duty of care to its employees, clients and the public, to prevent any activity that may spread Covid-19 and limit any risk.

We are currently operating all services including installation work, regular services and product order fulfilment as usual.   All our staff are fully conversant with social distancing guidelines and health and hygiene responsibilities.

We politely ask our clients to inform us prior to any of our engineers attending any call-outs if they are isolating or have contracted COVID-19.

Thank you for your Cooperation.

 Safer working procedures

We are fortunate that our office allows at least 2m distance between each team member.  Our field engineers work 95% of the day outside and respect the 2m distancing guidelines, during and outside of work.

Nitrile work gloves are provided and to be worn at all times and changed frequently.  Hand washing is recommended where possible. Hand sanitizer is provided for each team.

Our engineers will not enter an enclosed space with another person if possible.  If you are self-isolating, please inform our office, so we can adjust our working practices accordingly for your peace of mind.

Working outdoors has a low risk as the Coronavirus is transmitted via the respiratory system, so avoiding people and enclosed spaces reduces risk.   In line with Government and NHS instructions, rigorous handwashing and avoiding touching the face is very important.

Please bear with us whilst we operate under unprecedented conditions.  Our suppliers are also working as efficiently as possible to maintain supplies and deliveries.

We will be working to the same high standards our clients have come to expect.  Our aim is to keep all our employees on 100% pay until this is no longer in our control.

Our procedures will be updated according to the latest Government guidelines to ensure compliance and that we are working as safely as possible.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to speak to a member of our team on 01722 714514.