Spill & Drip Trays

Spill and drip trays are shallow containers that catch leaks or drips from hazardous materials. They are a convenient and safe way to store and handle these materials in the workplace.

Smaller spill trays can be used on countertops to catch drips from small containers like jerrycans, paint cans, and bottles.  

What is the difference between a drip tray and spill tray?

Spill Trays are similar to drip trays, just with an added grid to help separate the containers from any spillage.  So the containers will sit on top of the spill tray, not in the tray base.

Spill and drip trays are made from strong, leakproof materials and come in a variety of sizes.  Polyethylene is UV stabilised, robust and has a wide chemical compatibility.  This makes it perfect for different industries and applications.

Our spill trays and drip trays have been used in workshops, laboratories, agricultural sites, industrial factories, machine shops and retail settings.