Underground fuel tank decommissioning

Underground fuel tank decommissioning

Underground fuel tank decommissioning is possible via several methods. Traditionally, this was achieved by cleaning the tank to a gas-free state, then filling the tank with concrete or sand. This permanent solution, however, makes it almost impossible to remove the tank. Water filling is often used as a temporary method, but this can cause problems with accelerated corrosion. Any remaining hydrocarbons, in the bottom of the tank, can also form an environmentally hazardous sludge. The result will require expensive treatment to make safe. A better alternative is to inject a foam resin into the tank. Filling the tank with Foam makes it easy to organise Underground Tank Removal in the future! Not only that it’s safe containing any slurry or foaming from entering the ground.

Underground Tank Foam Filling

Decommissioning underground storage tanks with RG (Resin Generated) foam is the most cost-effective and environmentally preferred method with the following advantages:

  • The redundant tank will not require a full clean and de-gas, just pump out any remaining fuel. We inject the foam directly through the tank lid.

  • Concrete can leave hollow voids, especially in larger tanks.

  • The foam will absorb and make safe any remaining hydrocarbons.

  • The RG Foam has a mass of 25kg per 1000L allowing for complete tank removal at a later date.

  • Foam Filling is fast, preparing pipework and injecting the tank is simple. – This allows us to complete several tanks in a day.

  • The foam is non-toxic and will protect the tank walls from corrosion.

  • Tanks in good condition can have the foam removed for future use.

Underground Tank Decommissioning Services

We offer a complete underground fuel tank decommissioning service for Petroleum Storage Tanks. From the initial site visit, preparing the method statement and risk assessments, through to completing the work. Certifying the tanks are safe and liaising with relevant petroleum authorities to update records. All our staff are OFTEC Registered and undergo a rigorous training schedule. Our Friendly teams will have no problem explaining the process to you on-site. They’re also a friendly bunch who will be professional, polite and courteous throughout your project.

Underground Tanks

We also supply and install a wide range of underground tanks. If you’re looking to replace your underground tank with a new one. Please browse our Underground Tank category and of course, if you need any advice or further details please contact us with your requirements. 01722 714514