Spill Flooring

Bunded Flooring: Essential Safety for Spill Control

Bunded flooring, also known as spill containment flooring, is a crucial safety element in any environment where hazardous liquids are stored, handled, or used. This specialised flooring system features a secondary containment area designed to capture leaks, spills, and drips, preventing them from spreading and potentially causing harm to people, the environment, or property.

Why Choose Bunded Flooring?

Enhanced Safety: Bunded flooring acts as a first line of defense, containing spills and preventing them from reaching drains, waterways, or the surrounding environment. This minimizes the risk of contamination and environmental damage.

Improved Compliance: Many industries and regulations mandate the use of spill containment solutions in areas handling hazardous materials. Bunded flooring plays a vital role in ensuring compliance with these regulations.

Reduced Risks: Spills can lead to slips, falls, and other workplace accidents. Bunded flooring helps to prevent spills from spreading, creating a safer work environment.

Easier Clean-up: Containing spills within the bunded area makes clean-up a more manageable process, minimizing the potential for contamination and reducing downtime.