Diesel fuel testing – our equipment and servicing

Diesel fuel testing – our equipment and servicing 

Diesel fuel testing could prevent 25% of generator breakdowns and similar engine problems on commercial vehicles.  Dust particles in the air, humidity, water ingress, damaged tank fittings and other local environmental issues all contribute to stored diesel fuel and gas oil quality.

The age of the diesel being stored will considerably affect the quality and water content. This is because of the blend of biodiesel, or FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester), and petrodiesel content before distribution. As Biodiesels contain more significant amounts of water content, they cause more problems in long-term storage.

Any contamination of the fuel will have an effect on engines and boiler components with low manufacturing tolerances.  These include filters, high-pressure common-rail pumps, fuel injectors, nozzles and other parts that rely on the lubrication properties of the diesel oil.

Why is testing diesel fuel important?

Diesel fuel, like diesel engines and boilers, requires servicing Fuel laser particle counterand inspections to maintain reliability.  To avoid reactive remedies, diesel fuel also needs assessment and maintenance with diesel fuel testing equipment. A proactive approach informs the end user of any pending issues and enables you to take action before dirty fuel oil becomes a hazard to your equipment.

When we test diesel fuel, we measure particles contaminating liquids to the ISO4406 internationally recognised standard.  A Tank Services diesel test uses a market-leading laser particle counter from FilterTechnics.  Because this ensures our findings are clear and accurate with a simple-to-understand report.  And the information will allow for an educated, data-driven approach to any required actions.

Onsite testing starts with three samples.

  1. Taken from the bottom of the tank to understand the most heavily contaminated fuel.  As the contamination at this level is often too high to give realistic results, this acts as a visual test.
  2. 100mm off the bottom of the tank because this is typically the location of the tank suction point or outlet.  We analyse This diesel with our laser particle counter and water content sensor.
  3. Located in the middle to the top of the tank, this is a good reference point for comparing the 100mm sampling point.

All three samples can be labelled and left onsite for future reference if you need to.

Lab sampling

We can also offer laboratory analysis to discover the following:

  • Wear metals via an ICP metal scan.
  • Flashpoint.
  • Water content.
  • Particulate count.
  • Appearance.
  • Bacteria and fungus check (also known as diesel bug)

This in-depth analysis is instrumental if you’ve had high contaminate levels from a standard on-site particle test.

Fuel polishing

Our fuel polishing service removes contaminants and water content from the diesel. Using a high-capacity filter system, we can bring your diesel back to specification, allowing for safe use without risking engine damage, blocked filters and downtime.

Tank Services carries out this fuel polishing service with our mobile filtration rig. We test the fuel before we start work and continue to polish the fuel until we reach the correct specification code ISO4406.  This testing process ensures your diesel will be back up to specification.

We tailor our fuel polishing service to suit your diesel test results. These include a circulation clean up to a total fuel uplift, comprehensive tank clean including man entry, and polishing your fuel back into your freshly cleaned tank.

We can install a fixed fuel polisher into your bulk tank, ensuring you have a continuous supply of reliable, clean fuel. These fixed systems are specified to the size and volume of your tank and can include sensors and alarms to alert you when filter elements require changing.  The signals can also integrate with a BMS or other control panel using industry-standard sensors.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to book our diesel test service.