Commercial oil tank installations

Commercial oil tank installations

At Tank Services, we have the industry experience to handle most types and sizes of storage tanks but have the flexibility to tailor our services to your exact requirements. We handle work from the smaller workshop tanks to the largest commercial fuel installations, above-ground and underground tanks. Our most frequent service is the oil tank replacement, which consists of the following basic steps:

  • Pump out the existing oil to a temporary holding tank.
  • Remove and recycle the redundant tank, including a gas-free certificate and waste transfer notice.
  • Installation of a new, fully compliant oil storage tank and base.
  • Connect the new tank to the existing oil feed pipe.
  • Transfer the oil into the new oil tank
  • Bleed the oil feed pipe and test the system.

Risk Assessment

Firstly, we conduct an on-site survey on Oil tank replacements and new oil or diesel tank installations and discuss your requirements. Secondly, we give an ‘Oil Storage Risk Assessment” and explain how to comply with your site's current oil storage regulations. Further, in most cases, we can provide a written quotation for the work proposed within two working days.

We’ll agree and work on a site risk assessment and method statement for commercial and industrial sites and issue waste transfer notices and gas-free certificates where appropriate. As a result, we carry out all our installations and redundant tank removal work to industry best working practices and Environment Agency guidelines. Moreover, our ISO9001-certified management team backs up our work and is fully insured.

Other Services We Provide

  • Bunded tank installation for heating oil, diesel fuel and chemicals. pipe in pipe
  • Dispensing pumps and tank equipment for red diesel fuel, Derv and petrol.
  • Emergency containment.
  • Oil spill remediation, clean-up and soil testing for hydrocarbons.
  • Temporary tank rental and fuel transfer.
  • Short to long-term diesel fuel tank hire.
  • Relocation of fuel oil tanks.
  • Fuel management systems.
  • Installation of the oil feed pipes, including pipe-in-pipe secondary contained pipework.
  • Pressure testing of oil pipes with certification.
  • Pressure Testing of U.N.-approved fuel bowsers, water bowsers and tanks.
  • Installation of remote or extended filling pipes.
  • Replacement of valves, gauges, pumps and ancillary equipment.
  • Oil tank removal and recycling of redundant tanks and any remaining oil, including confined spaces and cutting.
  • Safe decommissioning of underground oil storage tanks by complete removal or RG22 foam filling.
  • Testing for and removal of water in an oil tank after that, a recommended treatment of the remaining oil.
  • Fuel testing, polishing and filtration systems.
  • Installation of fire screens and barriers.
  • Bunded lining and bunded wall repairs.

Tank Servicing

Our standard annual commercial tank services include visually inspecting the tank and pipework and clearing the oil feed pipe with compressed air. Subsequently, it will be followed by leak pressure testing of the pipe, cleaning or replacing oil filters and a water dip test to see if any water is present in the oil, which can be a costly experience. Because water entering the fuel system will cause mechanical damage, repair bills and unexpected downtime of appliances and machinery, which is costly and inconvenient. More frequent inspections and water tests are highly recommended for system-critical fuel tanks such as back-up generators for data centres and hospitals.

Our fully trained and OFTEC-qualified engineers carry out all our work. So you can be sure of a high standard of knowledge and workmanship.

If you have any requirements or questions, call us on 01722 714514. Likewise, you can use our contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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