Oil Tanks

Oil tanks from the UK leading specialist. Expert advice for cost-effective options for oil storage. We supply two main oil tank variants in the form of single skin & bunded oil tanks. Designed to comply with Oil storage regulation for heating oil, Waste oil, lubricating and engine oil.  Whether you need a domestic heating oil tank for kerosene, HVO or gasoil or if you are looking for commercial storage of waste oil and lube oil, our friendly team can help you find the ideal oil tank.

While single-skin heating oil tanks are a cost-effective option, bunded heating oil tanks feature a double-wall design, providing an extra layer of protection against leaks and spills. Bunded oil tanks are the required standard at all non-domestic premises. Domestic properties will require an oil storage risk assessment to determine if a bunded tank is required or if a single-skin tank can still be used.

At Tank Services, we have worked with leading oil tank manufacturers for over 21 years. Our expertise in oil tank installations and sales has allowed us to provide valuable information to our suppliers.  This has seen improvements in tank dimensions and how the oil tank can be handled.  We now work closely with the best companies, including Deso Engineering, Harlequin, Atlantis Tanks, Titan and Tuffa.

Our strength is your strength, so please feel free to contact us with any oil tank questions you may have. Our friendly, knowledgeable team are happy to help you. Call us Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, we're here to help you.