Carbery Oil Tanks

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Carbery Oil Tanks were the first manufacturer to produce Bunded Oil Tanks. And now after all these years, they have perfected their design. Unmatched low maintenance design that “will never rot, rust or corrode”. All made with fully recyclable materials meaning these tanks have a low impact on our environment.
As standard, these Carbery Tanks are supplied with a Lockable 2″ Fill Point, Access Lid & Inspection Hatch. With so many rules from Building, UK & EU Regulations you can rest easy in the knowledge that these tanks are fully OFTEC Compliant. Ready for installation by OFTEC Qualified Engineers like we employ at Southern Tank Services.
That’s not all, these oil tanks are accredited to ISO9001 manufacturing excellence standards.
You can choose between a 1″ BSP Outlet or a more environmentally conscience Top Outlet.
All Carbery Bunded Oil Tanks come fitted with a Concealed Vent Point for security and ventilation. Preventing theft and the build up of condensation in the tank. All access points are designed with locks in mind both manual and electronic padlocks can secure your tank.
We supply Tank Locks here if you need one.

The Apollo Gauges that Carbery uses for their tanks indicates the level of oil in the tank and there are a variety of options. manual inspection, visual gauge or a wireless monitor. The reading may be seen at the tank, next to the tank or even at a remote location like the kitchen.

A “Bund” is a secondary containment area around the tank designed to contain any loss of fuel to prevent pollution. It can be manufactured as part of an integrally bunded tank or retrofitted to an existing tank and should hold at least 110% of the tank’s contents to prevent overfill spillage. Your tank may need to have secondary containment by law depending on where it is and what it’s used for. However, to protect the environment, you should seriously consider the option, even if it isn’t a legal requirement.