Single Skin Oil Tanks

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Plastic Single Skin Oil Tanks are the simplest form of heating oil storage. And they can be installed after an Oil Storage Risk Assessment has been carried out for safe storage of kerosene and gas oil. Or where there is an existing masonry bund they are perfect. We carry a stock of tanks for fast delivery or collection from our warehouse.

Slimline Single Skin tanks are some of the thinnest around. Much slimmer than their bunded tank equivalents and can easily be moved through a front door. So they’re ideal where access to the rear garden is limited. A perfect example of this is a 1200 litre single skin oil storage tank from DESO the R1220T. However, a whole range of other sizes are available including 1000 litre and 2500 litre up to 6000 litre tanks.

Whilst bunded oil tanks have the advantage with built in safety, they are generally more expensive. Both can come with tank fitting kits, fill points & tank content gauges.