Mobile Water Tanks

Our Mobile Water Tanks offer an outstanding solution when you require substantial volumes of water in remote or isolated locations, and you need it quickly. These water trailers are expertly designed for either towing on public roads and highways, as seen in our Highways Water Bowsers, or for use on private roads and property, as featured in our Site Water Bowsers. We offer a diverse range of mobile water bowsers to cater to the specific needs of various premises and businesses, ensuring water is readily available whenever and wherever it's required on-site.

Compliance with regulations is paramount, as all sites are legally obliged to provide clean drinking water for their workforce. Investing in water bowser hire is a highly valuable choice, guaranteeing your site has access to clean, potable water.

Our standard pump package includes a petrol pump, although our towable water bowsers can be equipped with 12v, 110v, and 240v on-demand pumps. Additionally, we provide various water spraying options, including fantail, spray bars, and irrigation heads, to accommodate a wide range of applications.