Water booster Powertanks

Booster Pump and Tank System

Boosting mains water pressure could not be simpler with our range of Powertanks.  Combining a break tank with an automatic water pump complete with a fill valve and overflow outlet into one easy-to-install package takes all the hassle out of the plumbing.

Our range of Powertanks will improve water flow rates and higher pressure where supplied mains water is insufficient to keep up with demand.  This can happen in buildings with multiple floor levels and dwells where a single water main is shared between several apartments and flats.

Powertanks include efficient and quiet running water pumps complete with an automatic, on-demand pump controller to ensure the pump only runs when there is a demand. With fully automatic start-stop and run-dry protection, you can fit and forget and let the Powertank boost your water pressure with complete peace of mind.