Bunded Oil Tanks

Bunded Oil Tanks are the standard of choice these days because current regulations for fire safety and the environment often require a second skin. This outer skin protects the area around it from the hazardous oil inside.

Sadly, these Plastic Bunded Oil Tanks can be larger than their single skin counterparts. However, with our incredible range of slimline bunded oil tanks, you can squeeze them in where you need to! Nearly all of our bunded tanks have OFCERT assigned numbers, therefore, they are approved by OFTEC for installation by a Certified Engineer.

Bunded Heating Fuel storage come in all shapes and sizes and we can find one that’s right for you! All our tanks are CE Marked so you can rest assured that they come from trusted manufacturers. Storage Solution Brands that we’ve been working with for over a decade provide quality from the UK.

We recommend safe Oil Storage for heating systems in environmentally sensitive areas. The Outer Tank forms a protective 110% capacity bund around the fuel tank’s plastic single skin container. By catching any cracks or spills in the internal fittings or walls they protect our water supplies from contamination.

Looking for Tanks with a Plastic Single Skin?