Fuel management systems

Fuel management systems

Fuel management systems are used to monitor, control and record fuel stocks, tank levels and dispensing data.  A good security feature is implementing user security control to access and dispense fuel.  A typical fuel management system will record the following data:Fuel management system

  • User name
  • Vehicle identifier (registration number or plant name)
  • Time
  • Date
  • Fuel type (diesel, gas-oil, petrol etc, for multiple fuel sites)
  • Dispenser name (for multiple dispensers or sites)
  • The volume of fuel dispensed, in litres or gallons.
  • Mileage or engine hours (if required)
  • Order number (if required)
  • Tank level, measured in litres and percentage

It’s easy to keep track of who dispensed the fuel and what vehicle or plant the fuel has gone into.  By using a personal identity number (PIN) or a simple RFID keyring tag, the data is stored in an integrated fuel management computer mounted within or next to the dispenser pump, ready to be downloaded.

Cloud-based fuel management systems

With the adoption of cloud computing, there is very little need to install any software.  The leading fuel management systems now offer browser-based ‘anywhere’ solutions with mobile phone and tablet-friendly interfaces.

If available, the refuelling data is sent via a GPRS SIM card over the mobile phone network, via Wi-Fi or a hardwire connection to a local area network (LAN).  This creates real-time dispensing and tank level data within seconds of each operation occurring, which can then be used to report on vehicles and drivers.  It also allows for analysis of usage and mpg, and reports can be saved in different formats.  Cloud-based systems allow drivers and vehicles to be added or removed from the system remotely and limit the amount of fuel taken by any user.  Also, it allows a third party like us to access and support your system without going to the site.  So, it’s simple to make remote changes.

Here is an example of our system.

Cloud based fuel management systems

Tank level management

Tank level monitoring can also be set to trigger alerts such as email reminders to order a bulk fuel delivery.  For example, a trigger level of 15% can be set to email your oil delivery company to fulfil your order or request a quotation.  As well as standard diesel and petrol fuels, fuel management systems can be used for AdBlue, Lube Oil and other distributed fluids that must be monitored and audited.  All from the same fuel management system.

Live demonstration of our fuel management system

We have installed a fuel management system on our diesel tank in our yard so we can demonstrate exactly how it works. Being experienced in how the system works allows us to offer impressive after-sales support!

Fuel management keypad

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