Rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater harvesting in the UK

Water is becoming a valuable commodity in the UK.  Our climate makes the UK and the British Isles an ideal place to make the most of water from rainwater harvesting.  Rainwater harvesting is the collection of rain in a water tank during rainfall for use at a later date.  This will reduce your water usage and save you money by reducing your water bill.

We have a series of really solid water harvesting solutions from leading manufacturers such as Harlequin and  GRAF UK.  Backed up with 10-year warranties, these tanks offer impressive durability.  rainwater harvesting systems are perfect for running washing machines, sprinklers, garden hoses and flushing toilets.  You do not need a licence to harvest rainwater directly from your roof, but check the government website for more rainwater harvesting regulations.

Rainwater Harvesting Cut-Away

Flushing with rainwater 

When using rainwater for toilets, you will need a header tank to provide pressure for the water to flow down to the toilet cistern. The rainwater is pumped to the header tank from the main storage tank to provide a gravity feed. There is a simple rule of thumb to find the pressure that this header tank will provide.  For every 10 metres of height, the tank will provide 1 bar of pressure or 14.5 PSI.

Boosting rainwater pressure

Break tanks are similar but used alongside a water booster pump.  The pump provides all of the pressure required by the premise's plumbing. Therefore, the pump and tank don’t need to be positioned at a higher point in the building.  Used in conjunction with a rainwater harvesting system, these can provide water to appliances from ground level.

A booster pump for rainwater and a pressure control switch provide water when needed.  The switch detects when pressure is required from an appliance and then turns the pump on as needed.  This all happens automatically, known as 'On-Demand'. 

Different rainwater harvesting systems

There are many different rainwater collection tanks on the market.  From a water butt to a fully automated underground rainwater harvesting system that can be integrated into existing plumbing.   Able to switch when needed from the rainwater tank to the mains water supply when the tank is empty.

Rainwater Harvesting water Butt

We can tailor our product selection to meet your requirements using our wide range of products.  Choose from our above and underground tanks connected to booster pumps and automatic switchover pump systems.  See our Rainwater Harvesting product menu for details of our complete systems and ancillaries.

DIY rainwater harvesting

You can make up your own system using any combination of products, including our above or below-ground water storage tanks, a filter/collector, and a booster pump.  We also supply onward plumbing for taps, hoses and irrigation.