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What Does ADR Stand For? Accord Dangereux Routier

Posted 12th May 2019

What does ADR Stand for? Accord Dangereux Routier

ADR roughly translates to the Dangerous Road Agreement which lays out regulations that govern the transportation of dangerous goods via the highway. The European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road was ratified in Geneva by the UN Economic Commission in 1957.

Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods

A large majority of European countries have agreed to the Accord and it is updated with detailed rules every two years. It also defines the conditions for safe transportation of authorized dangerous goods. The security requirements, packaging and labelling are all defined within ADR regulations.

Evolving Transportation Rules

ADR Transport rules are constantly evolving and difficult to keep track of. Thankfully, they implemented a 15 year transition period for old diesel bowsers.

In short, transporting dangerous goods by road ADR regulations changed. Therefore, making older bowsers manufactured before May 2004 non-compliant. However, they were to be treated as IBCs during this intermediary period. The end, of that 15 year transition period, is here with May 10th 2019 having past these older bowsers are no longer road legal.


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