Oil tank security – how to keep your oil tank safe

The increasing cost of diesel oil means that fuel stored on-site can be an easy target. There are several options available to deter the theft of fuels from storage tanks.   Consider the situation, location and consequence of loss and factor this into your oil tank security.   A prime example is keeping tractors and combine harvesters in yards or fields overnight during busy times such as harvest.

Locking fuel caps

These are available from our online shop and prevent easy immediate access to the tank.  Taking other measures may be more effective in the first instance as replacing the tank could be more costly than the fuel itself.   However, consider using locking fuel caps in combination with other methods of protecting your fuel supply.

Consider fitting a fuel anti-siphon device

These only allow the flow of fuel in one direction blocking any attempt to siphon fuel from the tank.

Consider fitting a Tank Alarm

There are two alarm types.  The first will monitor the tank while the vehicle is parked and generate attention by triggering the horn or siren and flashing the vehicle indicators when fuel tank interference has been detected.  The second uses GSM technology and sends alerts via text to identified phones to any problem with the fuel tank.

Consider using warning stickers

Even when not employing these systems, warning potential offenders by using warning stickers or signs can be an effective deterrent.  Especially where the protection method isn’t easily identifiable from the exterior.

If farm machinery needs to be left in an isolated location, please consider the options highlighted above.  These techniques are much cheaper than the potential loss to your business or livelihood.

Applying these methods to oil storage tanks and gas supplies can enhance your oil tank security.

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