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IBC tank inspection and testing

Why do you need IBC testing and inspection? Whether you are a hire centre with multiple tanks or a contractor with a single IBC tank, if you take diesel fuel, chemicals and other hazardous products on the public highway in an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), that container or tank will require an in-date certificate.  Think of it as an MOT for storage tanks.  This is part of the Accord Dangereux Rules (ADR).

Transcube ADR tank inspection

As the owner of the IBC, you’re required by law to ensure records are kept of the testing and inspection.  Periodic inspection and testing must also be performed at the correct time intervals.  This documented record should be made available to the Department for Transport and the Health and Safety Executive.  The rules are enforced by the police and the Vehicle and Operators Service Agency (VOSA).  A new IBC will need to undergo an initial inspection, then subsequent inspections at 2½ and 5 year intervals.

At Tank Services, we offer a complete IBC testing, inspection and management service.  Our engineers are fully trained and equipped for all types of IBCs.  Working closely with world-leading Western Global supplying and maintaining TransCubes and Abbi IBC diesel bowsers and stand-by generator tanks, we can arrange for site or yard visits to complete the requirements of the ADR regulations.  We are also happy to test any IBCs at our workshop and issue the report as a paper certificate and email a digital copy.

2½ year IBC inspection and test (ADR

At least every 2½ years, the IBC must have the following inspection recorded.

  • Visual inspection of the markings and IBC labels.
  • Service equipment such as lids and gaskets, gauges and plugs inspected.
  • Check for cracks or warping, corrosion, dents and damages making it unsafe for transport.
  • Leakproof air pressure test at 0.2 Bar (2.9psi), all seams, fitting and joints coated with leak detection fluid. It must hold pressure and show no signs of leakage for 10 minutes, minimum. (ADR
  • Ensure the IBC has not been modified and is still to the original design type.

5 year IBC inspection and test (ADR

Includes all the requirement of the 2½ year inspection.
Diesel Bowser ADR IBC inspection

“Additionally, at least every 5 years, and no later than 5 years after manufacture, each metal IBC is to be internally inspected and thickness tested”

  • Tested or inspected internally for minimum wall thickness.
  • Replace or repair any missing or difficult to read markings
  • Ensure all internal baffles are secure (if fitted)

This internal inspection will require any hatches or lids to be removed, which makes it the ideal time to clean the tank.

IBC tank cleaning

As part of the inspection, we can add value with a little TLC, cleaning any IBC tanks as part of the certification package.  Our yard is fully equipped with tank cleaning equipment including a hot water steam pressure washer and vacuum tanker with cleaning probe.  Our technicians can clean the tank internally and externally, removing any oily liquid from the IBC cabinet bund.   We will ensure your tank is handed back in a condition ready to reliably dispense clean fuel to your diesel engine equipment.  We can also offer this service on-site with our skid-mounted, mobile vacuum plant and tank cleaning equipment.

IBC tank management service

As part of our holistic approach to tank maintenance, we carry spare vents, fill point caps and various plugs and fittings.  We also stock fuel dispensing equipment such as replacement diesel dispensing hoses, nozzles and other spare parts. This will keep your tank fleet in fully serviceable condition, therefore ensuring your plant is ready to deploy.

As part of any inspection, your test date and certificate will be recorded on our CRM system.  We’ll email a reminder of the next inspection date to ensure your IBC remains legal.

For further details on this service, please call us on 01722 714514, or use the enquiry form on this page.

Further reading?

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